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London Map Fair

6/11/2017  |  Book & Map Fairs

Updates October 28th 2015

10/28/2015  |  Catalogues


Dear Friends,

Today we are pleased to send you our latest list of new arrivals.


We hope that you enjoy the selection and please let us know if anything catches your eye!

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Frankfurt Book fair 2015

10/13/2015  |  Blog

About Women and Books & Maps. Because I’m angry.


Being on the road since the last Wednesday, sleeping in the fifth hotel in the past week, today (of course no one is giving us a sponsorship for that) and eating junk food most of the time, I feel a bit grumpy. First I wanted to write about the Warsaw Art Fair. I love that one, one of my favourite fairs. A great venue, elegant and intelligent people, no stupid questions (a dealer’s dream), cheap hotels and good food.

But, no I’m going to skip this one for now, I want talk about women and books & maps.

Because I’m angry...

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Catalogue October 2015

10/6/2015  |  Catalogues

Catalogue 2015


Dear Friends! 


We are proud to present our new cataloge, availabe from today on in a PDF format on-line. Printed catalogues will be available by the end of this week.

Please click on the image to open the link.


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Map fairs

10/6/2015  |  Blog

Map Fairs.

Soat the end of the day of getting ready for two fairs in the next week (Warsaw Art Fair and Frankfurt Book Fair (curse on those people who charge the fees for the booth there!)), I was thinking a bit about those fairs…

A large part of an antiquarian map (& book) dealer’s life rotates around fairs. Those are events where dealers meet dealers, dealers meet collectors, collectors meet dealers, collectors bring the money, the dealers bring maps and books, they all exchange those things among each other, the collectors go home with rare maps and books, and dealers go home with tons of money, and everybody is happy.

In theory...

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Can you make a living by selling old maps?!

10/4/2015  |  Blog

Can you make a living by selling old maps?!


Is what 99,99% of the people I meet ask me after I tell them what I do for living. Just before they scan my clothing with a look, surprised I don’t wear a brown home-knitted knitted sweater with holes and dusty pants, what they would expect from an owner of an old book store...

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4/6/2015  |  Exhibitions

Amazing Maps and Prints from Slovenian Archives!

This weekend we visited the exhibition entitled Arhivi – zakladnice spomina (‘Archives – Treasures of Memory’) at the Slovenian National Museum in Ljubljana.  This unprecedented event showcases 170 highlights of historical documents, maps and objects from the collections of 9 different Slovenian archives, ranging from the 9th to the 20th Centuries.  Slovenia’s archival history is especially rich and varied, as the region occupied the nexus between the Slavic, Germanic and Mediterranean worlds.  Beyond that, it stood near the fault-line between the Habsburg and Ottoman Empires.  Several of the exhibits are truly world-class!


 Some of our favourites include Ivan Dizma Florjančič’s Ducatus Carnioliae Tabula Chorographica (Ljubljana...

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Catalogue Nr. 1

1/15/2015  |  Catalogues


 Click on the photo left to open the catalogue in PDF file

 List of Prices

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