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Sigismund Báthory: Sigismundus D. G. Transylvaniae Zoom

Sigismund Báthory: Sigismundus D. G. Transylvaniae

Author: Hans von AACHEN (1552-1615) - Dominicus CUSTOS (c.1550-1612).
Place and Year: Augsburg: 1600-1602.
Technique: Copper engraving 26,5 x 17,5 cm (10,4 x 6,9 inches).
Code: 64770

A finely engraved portrait of Sigismund Báthory (1573 – 1613), a famous 16th century warlord, politician,Prince of Transylvania, Wallachia and Moldavia, Prince of the Holy Roman Empire, Count of the Székelys and Lord of Parts of the Kingdom of Hungary

The portrait was published in Atrium Heroicum Caesarum, Regum Aliarumque Summatum Ac Procerum, a work issued in 4 volumes between 1600-1602 in Augsburg. The portriats showing importrant men and leaders were engraved by a Flemish artist Dominicus Custos (1560–1612), who was employed by Rudolf II in Prague. He based this portrait of the emperor a painting by Hans von Aachen, from 1592 appointed official painter of Rudolph II.

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