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GREECE - METEOROLOGICAL ATLAS: Atlas climatique de la Grèce. Zoom

GREECE - METEOROLOGICAL ATLAS: Atlas climatique de la Grèce.


A detailed meteorological atlas of Greece with 119 coloured maps was printed in 1935 in Greece. This copy was dedicated by the author Elias Mariolopulos to his professor, a British meteorologist Sir William Napier Shaw.

Author: Elias G. MARIOLOPULOS - Athanasios N. LEIBATHENOS.
Place and Year: Athens, 1935.
Code: 65621

Oblong Folio. [4] loose printed title page and printed text, [1] loose plate, [1] loose colour lithographed map, 118 loose colour lithographed plates, inserted mimeographed sheet with errata, original tan folder with printed titles and black linen spine and corners (Very Good, title page with manuscript in the upper right corner, binding slightly stained, black strings on the binding torn, spine with small tears in the upper part).


An uncommon atlas of Greece includes 119 colour meteorological lithographed maps, based on the observations of different 82 stations between 1900-1929.

This example was dedicated by one of the authors to his professor Sir William Napier Shaw (1854 –1945), a British meteorologist, who introduced the air pressure unit millibar, as well as the tephigram, a diagram of temperature changes.

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