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Timișoara, ROMANIA: Planul Municipiului Timișoara. Zoom

Timișoara, ROMANIA: Planul Municipiului Timișoara.


A map of a quickly developing city Timișoara in Romania, was designed in 1931 by the city engineers Dionisie Balosu and Toma Darabas. The map is accompanied by a street name index.

Author: Dionisie BALOSU - Toma DARABAS.
Place and Year: Timișoara: Pregler 1931.
Code: 65666

Colour Lithograph (Very good, soft folds, tiny tears in the index, old owner's stamps verso and on the map), 49 x 67,5 cm when opened, insertd in a book: 12°, 16 pp., [8] index and advertisements, illustrated original wrappers, errata printed on pink paper mounted inside the wrappers, stapled (Very Good, old owner's stamps verso). 

A colourful map in Romanian language, with key in the lower part, shows Timișoara in Romania with in 1931. Marked are buildings, public buildings, transportation, parks, cemeteries, banks etc. 135 numbers mark important institutions, industry centres and offices, bars, hotels, cinemas, banks, synagogues etc.

This new map of the city was prepared by the engineers Dionisie Balosu and Toma Darabas of the Timișoara Technical Department in 1931, when the city was expanding rapidly. The index gives all the information on the street names and also includes numerous advertisements.

Until WWI Timișoara was a part of the Kingdom of Hungary and was inhabited by a mixed German, Hungarian, Romanian, Jewish and other population. During the war the city was shortly a part of Banat Republic and later occupied by the Kingdom of Serbia. By the Treaty of Trianon on 4 June 1920 the city was ceded from Hungary and given to Romania.

After WWI, under Romania, Timișoara’s urbanism and infrastructure started developing around 1930, when the city got modernised with new buildings and transportation system.  By WWII Timișoara became known as a lively, modern and multicultural city.

During WWII the city was bombed by the Allies and by the Germans and wes reconstructed after the war.

This map and street index is an important document for the urbanism and history of Timișoara between the wars.


References: Dr. JANCSÓ Árpád, Temesvár nyomtatott térképei Temesvár’s / Timişoara’s Printed Maps Hărţile tipărite ale Timişoarei, pp. 16-17, image 19. (http://epa.oszk.hu/00000/00028/00049/pdf/musze_EPA00028_2012_57_03-18.pdf). 

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