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GREATER CROATIA: Republika Hrvatska u svojim povjestnim i narodnosnim granica [Republic of Croatia with its Historical and National Borders]. Zoom

GREATER CROATIA: Republika Hrvatska u svojim povjestnim i narodnosnim granica [Republic of Croatia with its Historical and National Borders].


A 1965 rare separately published map, issued by an underground illegal nationalistic anti-Yugoslav and anti-Serbian Ustasha Croatian movement, showcases “Greater Croatia” claiming Bosnia and parts of Serbia and Montenegro. 

Author: Hrvatski revolucionarni pokret (HRS) [Croatian Revolutionary Movement].
Place and Year: Zagreb [but probably elsewhere]: HRS 1965.
Technique: Lithograph in colour, printed from both sides (Very Good, soft folds, old repaired tears in margins, lower part slightly age-toned) 40 x 44 cm (15.8 x 17.3 inches).
Code: 66223

This unusual separately issued map shows Croatia claiming Bosnia and parts of Serbia and Montenegro. It was printed in 1965 by an illegal separatist nationalistic Croatian movement, which was an heir of the Croatian Fascist government from WWII.

Following the Axis invasion of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia on April 6, 1941, by the agreement of Italy and Germany, their Croatian fascist allies, the Ustaše, under the leadership of Ante Pavelić, were permitted to form a state that comprised much of Croatia, all of Bosnia, parts of Serbia and a sliver of Slovenia. While nominally ‘independent’, the NDH was, in reality, a puppet state of Italy and Germany, largely defended by the Wehrmacht.

After WWII, when Croatia became a part of Yugoslavia, the Ustasha movement became illegal. Many political leaders were executed as the others escaped to South America, where they founded a Croatian Government in Exile in Argentina.

A small number of anti-Communist anti-Yugoslav and anti-Serbian guerrilla fighters for independent Greater Croatia remained in the country under the name Križari (i. E. Crusaders, also known as Škripari) as an illegal movement. Most of them was supressed by the 1950, but some of them remained active until the mid 1960s.

This is an remarkable example of a larger separately published map of Greater Croatia with a moto “Croatia to Croatians!” made by this illegal underground movement inside Yugoslavia.

The names of the leaders are printed on the back, but are presumably made up, as printers of such a map would be sentenced as political criminals under the Yugoslavian regime. Also the printing location in Zagreb appears dubious.

The map was probably printed abroad, possibly even in Argentina, where Croatian Ustashe were printing nationalistic propaganda deep into the 1980s, and secretly imported to Yugoslavia. The false location and names of the leaders named on the map made at the time almost extinct organisation look more powerful than it was at the time.

We could not trace any examples of the map in institutions worldwide.  

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