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DP CAMP CHILDREN'S NOVEL: Romanje na goro. Zoom

DP CAMP CHILDREN'S NOVEL: Romanje na goro.


This rare mimiographed book was printed in Slovenian language in the DP camp Lienz/Peggetz in Austria by a Slovenian Refugee Press.

Author: Franc Ksaver Meško (1874-1964).
Place and Year: Written: Peggez [sic], Austria, December 6, 1945; Printed: Lienz: Slovenska begunska tiskarna - Uprava Begunske mladine [Slovenian Refugee Press - Office of Refugee Youth].
Technique: 8°, [1] mimeographed title page with illustration and vignette on the back, 41 pp. mimeographed text with illustrations within text, original tan wrappers with mimeographed title, stapled (good, minor scratces and pieces of paper on the spine).
Code: 65309

The booklet tells a story abut a little boy, who goes alone on a pilgrimage and finds himself in difficult situations. The story was written for refugee children and youths, housed in a DP camp in Austria after WWII, only seven months after the end of WWII.

The short story was written by Franc Ksaver Meško (1874-1964), a Slovenian Chatolic priest and author of religious short stories, who spent years after WWII visiting the DP camps in Austria. The text was first probably distributed in a hand-copied or hand-typed version in Pegezz, on December 6 1945. It was printed in the same year or in 1946 by the Slovenian Refugee Press - Office of Refugee Youth in the DP camp of Lienz/Peggetz in Austria. 

The Lienz/Peggetz DP camp was a British run camp for refugees, who escaped Yugoslavia in the days after WWII on the grounds of collaborating with Nazi Germany, and were waiting to be transported to other locations, mostly to South America, by the Catholic church.  

The Lienz/Peggetz DP camp received bad reputation already at the May 1945, when the British army handed over Cossacks and ethnic Russians and Ukrainians, who had collaborated with Nazi Germany, to the USSR, where they were assassinated. 

References: OCLC 780632509. 

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