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MODENA NEWSPAPER, 1680: Modona. Num 27. Adì 20. Agosto 1680. Zoom

MODENA NEWSPAPER, 1680: Modona. Num 27. Adì 20. Agosto 1680.


An extremely rare issue of a first Modena newspaper, reporting on the events happening in Europe and in the Ottoman Empire in the second week of August, 1680

Author: Demetrio DEGNI (1648-?).
Place and Year: Modena: Degni, August 20, 1680.
Technique: Large 8°: [2] leterpress (Very Good, soft folds slightly rubbed on the last page with a pin size hole on the crossing, irregular margins, as originally published).
Code: 67660

A very rare newspaper, printed in Modena in Audust 1680 represents latest events, as reported from Rome, Naples, Genova, Venice, Milan, Madrid, Paris, Brussels, Vienna, Warsaw, Cologne, Hamburg, Den Hague and London, with an account on the Ottoman Empire.

This issue reports on the plague in Prague, realtions between Ottomans and Venecians and Ottomans and Austrians etc.


Demetrio Degni, the first modern journalist in Modena

Demetrio Degni, born in Barletto, Apuglia, came to Modena in 1671, where he soon opened a press. His first prints are known in 1677.

Modona, which started appearing in circa 1677 was the first newspaper with international news, as we understand it today, in Modena. There was a predecessor, Modana, printed by Cassiani with the news on the battles of Francis I of Modena, published in 1658 in four numbers only.

There were aproximately 1700 issues of Modona printed. Each issue of the newspaper is extremely rare today, as they were printed irregularly, often as weekly, without attractive illustrations, on two pages only and would be disposed of, as soon after the news were out of date.

In Worldcat we could only trace one issue in institutions worldwide (issue 28 in Biblioteca Casanatense, Rome, OCLC 1004666772). The 1988 biography of Degni mentions circa 120 preserved numbers of circa 1700 in the State Archive of Modena (Archivio di Stato di Modena). We could not trace any issues on the market or in the auction records.

References: Salvatore Adorn. Demetrio DEGNI, Dizionario Biografico degli Italiani. Volume 36 (1988) (http://www.treccani.it/enciclopedia/demetrio-degni_(Dizionario-Biografico); Rosa Lupoli. Demetrio Degni primo “giornalista” Modenese. Quaderni Estensi, IV (2012) (http://www.quaderniestensi.beniculturali.it/qe4/33_QE4_andarpercarte_lupoli.pdf).

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