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Archive True Crime - Hungarian Murders 1947-1949 Zoom

Archive True Crime - Hungarian Murders 1947-1949


An unusual archive in Hungarian language includes dozens of photographs and original typewritten police reports on true crime scenes from Budapest, made between 1947 and 1949, most of them related to murders.  

Place and Year: Budapest: ca 1947-1949.
Code: 66239

4°: [114] mostly loose sheets with original black and white photographs, typescript and indigo copies in black and red, mostly mounted on paper with printed template, some loose, some mounted newspaper articles, inserted in a contemporary binding with marbled boards (Binding scuffed, spine broken, sheets with tears and tiny loss of paper in margins, text and photographs mostly undamaged).


This unusual collection of documents on a true crime in Budapest between 1947 and 1949 includes over 200 original photos of crime scenes, forensic evidence, mug shots and other evidences, mostly connected to murders, but also to robberies and other crime. The accompanying text is type written or copied through indigo paper. The photos and text are mostly mounted on printed templets in Hungarian language, which were used by police to list suspects.  

The collection of documents was probably a private archive of a detective, who was involved with the cases.

WARNING: Some of the scenes on photographs may be deeply disturbing to some individuals.

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