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TRIESTE, Italy: Veduta Meridionale della Cittá e Portofranco di Trieste Dedicata allo Spattabile Ceto Mercantile in Trieste. Zoom

TRIESTE, Italy: Veduta Meridionale della Cittá e Portofranco di Trieste Dedicata allo Spattabile Ceto Mercantile in Trieste.

Author: Giuseppe POLLENCIG (Joseph Thomas Polenzig (Polenčič), 1763 - 1823).
Place and Year: Trieste: Gasparo Weiss - Thomas Baratti 1801.
Technique: Copper engraving on blue paper (Very Good, with minor foxing and very light water staining) cm (inches).
Code: 65820

This large beautiful and detailed view of Trieste was made in 1801 from the hills on the north side. The clearly presented buildings are marked with 38 numbers and named in the lover part of the print. The landscape in the background expands into the coastline of what is today Slovenia with Piran on the extreme right-hand side.  

The images in the front present scenes from modern life: strollers, children, dogs, fishermen catching fish in groups, a man observing the sea with a telescope and an artist drawing an image of the city. The latter image is probably an self-portrait of the artist himself.

The print was dedicated to the Guild of Merchants of Trieste, a very strong society from 18th century on, which was electing members to the Trieste Chambers of Commerce. 

The print is based on the drawing of an artist who signed himself as Giuseppe Pollencig. Born in Gorizia on March 24, 1763 as Joseph Thomas Polenzig (Polenčič), he is recorded in Vienna in 1791, from 1791 to 1797 in Budapest, and from 1797 to 1809 in Trieste, where his name got italianised to Giuseppe Pollencig. In 1809 he returned to Gorizia, where he staied until his death. 

According to the contemporary article, the print was made by Thomas Baratti, who came to Trieste from Venice (Erneuerte vaterländische Blätter für den österreichischen Kaiserstaat, nr. 28, 27. April 1819, p. 112).

Although the view is known in literature and facsimile editions appear on the market, we could not trace any other originals on the market in the past generations. 


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