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MOSCOW, Russia: Moskau. Zoom

MOSCOW, Russia: Moskau.


A large map of Moscow for German tourist visiting theaters in Moscow, was made around 1930 in Art Deco style. 

Author: Mikhail GETMANSKY.
Place and Year: Moscow [circa 1930].
Technique: Lithography in colour, folded in original printed wrappers 58,5 x 86 cm (23 x 33,9 inches); 22 x 10,5 cm (8,7 x 4,1 inches), when folded (Very good, soft folds).
Code: 65867

A decorative map of Moscow in Art Deco style in German language shows the places of cultural interests in Moscow. Marked are 19 public buildings, 38 theatres, 18 museums, 11 monuments, 6 train stations and 4 hotels. Number 1 marks the travel agency Infoturist, which issued the map.  

The map can be dated in the late 1920s or around 1930, after Lenin’s death in 1924. The building in the left lower corner – here still marked as Novodevichy Convent, was transformed to the Museum of the Emancipation of Women in 1922.  In 1926, the monastery had been transformed into a history and art museum, and in 1934, it became affiliated with the State Historical Museum.

The map was printed in different languages for foreign tourists visiting theatres and museums in Moscow. We could trace a German, French and English version of the map.