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ANKARA, Turkey Zoom

ANKARA, Turkey


A detailed map from 1960 shows Ankara in Turkey during its vast urban development.

Author: General Directorate.
Place and Year: Ankara: Umum Müdürlüğünde [In the General Directorate] 1960.
Technique: Lithograph in colour (Very Good, soft folds) 55 x 70 cm.
Code: 65999

A large detailed map in Turkish and English language, made by the General Directorate, shows Ankara in 1960. Marked are police stations, post offices, hospitals, hotels, theatres, official buildings, historical monuments, gas stations, mosques, and public monuments.

The map was made in the time of the rapid expansion of the city.  Between 1927 and 1950 the population of the city grew from 44,553 to 286,781. In 2014 Ankara urban population reached 4,587,558.